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FAQ & Warranty


What is the difference between the Germanium and Silicon Fuzz?
Germanium transistors produce a warmer, smoother tube-like sound. Silicon is higher gain with a ‘thinner’ tone. But both have their own merits and sound quite dynamic and musical.
Can I daisy-chain my Germanium London Fuzz with my other pedals?
No. A short circuit will occur when Germanium pedals (positive ground) share the same ground path with regular negative ground units. I recommend using a 9V battery (it will last forever) but if you must use a power supply, make sure it has isolated outs (like a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power). Please consult the maker of your power supply for more info.
Will temperature change affect the tone of my germanium London Fuzz?
It does, but usually only when it is very warm. The germanium transistors used in any Fuzz Face styled circuit is usually susceptible to this and as a result can make the pedal sound different. I do make a “bias” version of the London Fuzz that  deals with this issue and it’s quite useful in dialing a sweet spot for whatever may be going on temperature-wise in the room or venue.
What kind of adapter can I use with my Sixties Vibe? Why is it not included?
The vibe is sold worldwide and as such wall currents do vary so it is best that one purchases the adapter at their local music store which will sell you one with the appropriate wall current requirements. The recommended adapter is the Dunlop ECB004US. The Vibe requires an 18V adapter.
Can you customize or mod my pedal?
We do offer some custom shop work, depending on our schedule. Email us for more info. Please note, there will be a minimum fee of $50US for all custom requests.

warranty policy
& repairs

*ALL DIRECT SALES ARE FINAL, NO EXCEPTIONS. We will repair or replace any defective pedal that is still under warranty but we do not offer any returns. If you purchased through a dealer, please check their return policy. MJM Guitar FX has no say on dealer shop policies.

All pedals come with a 2 year warranty to the original owner with proof of purchase. Warranty does not apply to the footswitch, enclosure, knobs, hardware or any pedal that has clearly been abused or modified. MJM Guitar FX is not be responsible for any injury that may result from product usage or any damage to other items related to use of said products. We will gladly repair any pedal out of warranty for a minimum fee of $45. Shipping charges ‘to and from’ are not included and are the responsibility of the pedal owner.

Before sending your pedal in for repair, we would suggest you try it with different cables, guitars & amps and also make sure it’s the only device in the signal chain. Sometimes there can be a hum because of bad grounding of the building, which is something we cannot recreate at the shop. Please test your pedal in a different location if possible. If using aftermarket pedal power supplies, please consult their respective manuals, especially in cases of reverse polarity (fuzz) and 18V (vibe). Sometimes there are dip switches to adjust and/or special adapter cables needed.

Warranty is valid only to the original owner and is non-transferable. Warranty is not valid for used pedals or pedals with a serial number missing.

Repairs: we will email you our PO Box information. You must send your pedal via Post Office and the item must have a tracking number. Because we use a Canada Post PO Box, couriers such as UPS, FedEx and DHL cannot deliver to it. Do not send a pedal without first contacting us and sending the tracking information. We are not liable for any lost shipments. Due to time constraints and our work schedule, we no longer accept local drop-offs for repairs and/or mods: you must send your pedal via Canada Post.